Friday, February 25, 2011

No new news

I rang this morning to see if our cross match results are in.

Not yet.

So we are still waiting.

Luckily we have had an action packed 24 hours here to take my mind off things.

We have one of those green electricity box thingies out the front of our house.  Did you know they can blow up?

No.  Neither did we.

Last night Carolin was minding the kids - she had just got them all to bed - when there were 2 almighty bangs as the box blew up.  The power went off and my sister realised that the thing was on fire and called 000.  The firies arrived in time and all was good - although rather traumatic for the children.

It got me thinking about emergencies and special needs children though.  Ashlea's wheelchair was in the car at the time.  I think in the past I have always figured if it was a big emergency I would throw all the kids in the car and drive off if necessary.

Last night's mini-emergency highlighted a flaw in our plan.  Our garage has an electric door.  The power was off.  We couldn't get the car or the wheelchair out (we can't open the back of the car to get to the wheelchair without opening the garage).  This meant that while my sister was out the front waiting for the fire brigade she had a hysterical Ashlea in her arms and a hysterical Audrey attached to one leg and a hysterical Emma attached to the other.

Not ideal.

It made me wonder if we should start bringing the wheelchair inside every day - just so we have it as an option to transport Ashlea if something unexpected were to happen.  If we had to run away in a hurry it would be very hard to run with her in our arms while trying to hold on to the other children.

Have you thought of what you'd do in an emergency?  Do you have a plan?  If so, what is in your plan?


Becca said...

Oof, sorry about your exploding power - just what you all didn't need! I hope that you posting this means it's fixed already

Mobility: best idea I have is getting some sort of backup chair, even (whisper it!) a stroller, just so that there is *something* that's not reliant on getting to/in the car, finding keys, opening garage etc. Something foldable and not too bulky so that it can be stored somewhere easy to reach but won't be too much of a pain in the bum.

Is there a backup or manual system for getting the garage opened? Not many city-dwellers in the UK have them - no space, everybody parks on the street - but it seems like a bit of an obvious flaw to have your car stuck if there's a power cut...

I have an adapted van with a wheelchair lift, I carry a pair of ramps as well to make sure that I could get in/out without it if I had to, there's an emergency bag in the van with a few days supply of everything and although I pretty much never, ever use it now, I have a back-up manual wheelchair in case there's a problem with my powerchair. My hoist is battery powered so that's sorted for at least a week, and I'm looking into getting a mobile hoist for a fall-back option if I had to leave the house.

Naomi said...

our garage has an electric door too, but all of them have to have a manual lift for exactly that reason. You should be able to pull a small cord coming from the main box on the ceiling and it will open :)

Missy said...

No Alison I havent really thought of an emergency plan. My only thoughts were to chuck (literally) all the kids in the car and reverse it across the road and keep them locked in safe away from the house. I think after reading this that I should have a plan. Glad you are all okay xxx

Thinking of you all lots as you wait for your results xxxx

Lacey said...

I agree with the stoller idea. Something light and easy to push in an emergency!
We were just thinking about emergencys. I have zero water stored. (I know, so stupid!) Also, Jax depends on power for everything that keeps him alive. Luckily in the 3 years we've been at this house, the power has never gone out. So we are using our tax refund to buy a generator that is good enough to power all of Jax equipment. So much to think about!

Molly said...

Oh scary ! If there is god forbid another emergency, even if you would have the chair, you probably would still not be able to hold on to both other girls, as you would have to push it. We dont have a plan neither other than jumping out of the windows (we live in a tall townhouse and our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor) but I know that in case of power outage the garage can be opened manualy. Except I dont know how ! I better check into that !

Sarah said...

Very scary! No emergency plan here either! Should really do something about that!

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

We do fire drills, my kids made me cry, we have a 7 5 and 3 year old. My Three year old has CP. He was still in a baby cot and we practised the eventuality that we couldn't het to the kids... What would they do... Well we put Oatie in the cot and my 7&5 year old couldn't get him out... So I said you have to shut the door and leave him. Because if you can get out you can get help and you can tell the fire brigade which room he in. At that point my 7 year old burst in to tears and shouted "I will not leave my brother I LOVE him" and with all his might he bent down and heaved him out the cot. Well that made me cry...

We have emergency action bags with foil blankets, whistles and LED puts on light and a tea towel and reflective bands. We're out in the country and it's dark. The towel you can wet and cover your face or use, the light so you can see and it can be -30 so you can keep warm till help arrives.

Sorry to hear about your power box.

I think the spare stroller is a great idea keep it away from the garage ad if that's blocked off...



Rosalie said...

Oh no, how scary !!