Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to school

Sadly the school holidays end today.  Back to the routine tomorrow.  Can I confess something?  I think I am almost looking forward to it.  Shhhh.  Don't tell anyone!

As much as I love sleeping in and staying in my pyjamas, I also love Ashlea going to preschool - it is doing her the world of good. have preschool we have to have an end to holidays.  Also, I think we spend far too much time watching TV or playing Wii during the holidays, so it will be good to get away from that.  These holidays have been hard as we haven't even been able to play out in the backyard at all as we have a bit of a ... situation.  A bat shit situation.

Yes, the bats that Sydney City Council are in the process of evicting from the gardens and the domain, have all decided to fly north-west and use our backyard as a TOILET.  It is driving me...batty.  I know I may sound a little crazed, but let me show you a picture of our yard to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with.  I'm not talking just one or two drops of poop, I'm talking gazillions.   Every single one of those spots you can see is a blob of bat shit.

You know what the bizarre thing is - it isn't the whole suburb.  It doesn't even extend to my neighbour's yard, or even to my own front yard.  It is just our backyard.  I'm about to ring the Council and see if they have any advice, otherwise my next idea is to chop down anything green that they may be feeding on.  Or possibly relax my anti-gun stance and buy Murray a bee-bee gun and set him up on the back verandah.

If anyone has some bat removal tips please let me know!

In other news...

I have put another new page up - this one is called 'so what happened next'.  I fear it might be a little waffley...but it gives an idea of what happened after the the twins came home from the hospital.  I hope to get another 2 pages done - one covering all Ashlea's diagnoses, and then my favourite - one outlining all her milestones - I don't want to forget them!!

Don't forget morning tea at my house next week (Tues 27th).  Hopefully all the kids will be well this time and we will be able to go ahead with it (last time 5 out of 6 of us had sick kids).  I think even if I only have ONE visitor for morning tea we will go ahead!

OK, in order to help you get those bat-poo images out of your head, here are a couple of quick snaps of the girls.  I've hardly had any time to pick up my camera so this is all I've got to offer!


Ally {mtm} said...

Gah! I am TERRIFIED of bats {and raw chicken but that's a whole 'nother story!} Your backyard is my worst nightmare!

I love the photo's, especially the one of Emma, beautiful!

Alison said...

Ally I have another friend who is terrified of anything with wings (including butterflies) - she won't come anywhere near our place at the moment!

PS I share your hatred of raw chicken!

Sarah said...

We have heaps of bats in our shed but luckily for us we are able to block off where they get in alot of the time...sadly they still do hang out in other areas we cant reach to block off. They are such dirty things too! Flying rats is what we like to call them!

I am secretly looking forward to school going back just so I can go food shopping without both the girls as it's just so much harder.

However, not looking forward to the illness I expect to follow :(

I was going to ask you actually what camera did you end up getting? I am looking at getting a Nikon.

Belinda said...

Oh no! That's a lot of bat shit!

No help here sorry!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Wendy & I will be there next Tue with bells on...

... and yes (shhhh), we're looking forward to school going back too - W said in a hopeful tone on Friday:

"at school?" (which is what she usually says when I ask where L &/or M are...)

Lacey said...

Oh man, thats a lot of shit!! I think I would be stuck in my house, knowing there were bats outside! Yikes!!

ferfischer said...

I am looking forward to school starting too, actually! And I'm not ashamed to admit it! :)

Good luck with the bat poo. When it is over, I would get someone to steam /pressure wash it - that looks awful.

Of course, if you are like me, we'd just leave it there and it will wear off eventually!

Marie said...

That is really gross and I hope you've been able to get rid of it by now.

Thanks for sharing the pics of the girls though. It did help a lot. :)